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August 17, 2007
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Today Will Be Better by F-For-Fake Today Will Be Better by F-For-Fake
yes...another stars reference
had trouble submitting (can someone tell me if this appeared multiple times, thanks)
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My Dear Sir,

Although I mentioned this to you before, this piece reminds me of the recent children's film, "Bridge to Terabithia." It would be worth watching, but is sad, and not Bergman sad, just sad and thus, not worth purchasing.

I agree with the first comment on how this piece reads somewhat like a story, but it is likely the first frame leads us to this conclusion with "preface" in the background rather than a linear storyline. The idea of a linear storyline might not be useful here anyway when humanity appears to be cyclic and rotating around a linear path.

Aesthetically, I like frames 3, 4, and 7 the best. 3 because of the manner in which the chemical process or honeycomb unearths the body, 4 for the tree and string of leaves, and 7 for the expression of the boy.

Minor note, if the woman/en in the first frame is supposed to be a precursor to the woman in the second frame, the broken arm in frame 1 is right, but the arm showcased in frame 2 is left. I notice this only because I hone in on handedness.

The origami cranes in the first frame (repeated later on) are interesting. It interlinks well with the rest of the basic building blocks (the chemical representations, frame 7 blocks, etc..) Who knows.

I will let you know about things related to origami and ice caves soon.
:) i like how you've pointed out the cyclical nature, that is mainly what I intended with the preface, this is why the hands switch up, originally I had intended to arrange the frames in a larger circle or spiral pattern but the size restrictions made the frames muddled so ultimately I settled on a linear pattern for convenience, I am interested to hear about the ice caves :) makes me think of planet earth
pretty nice, just don't fall back into repetitive stuff again lol ;)
haha thanks for the warning :D
:thumbsup: great work
i like this. it's subtle and elegant and warm with a hint of tragedy. well done!
Ethelind Aug 18, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I believe it.
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